Welcome to the Snooze Effect – Increasing Productivity For Life

Welcome to “The Snooze Effect – Increasing Productivity For Life”. I hope you find the upcoming posts in this blog useful as well as entertaining. Contained in this site are articles about increasing productivity, how looking at the “little picture” in some aspects of life can have a greater benefit than looking at the “big picture”. I will also point out how looking outside of the picture frame altogether can affect a whole slew of things that you may not have considered. Every post will have something to do with increasing productivity,  the effect of procrastination and how a decision to hit, or not to hit, snooze can, or has had, a significant effect on my life. I’ll offer information and tools to help you wake up and enjoy your life and look at things from a different perspective while increasing productivity. I hope you will be able to relate to what I have gone through and my decisions will motivate you to avoid hitting your snooze button. My ultimate goal being to document my journey to a life that has no need for a snooze button at all. So Wake Up! and let’s start increasing productivity.

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