Increasing Productivity = Money

About 6 months ago me and a friend were talking about a motivational website he started. I told him how I wanted to start a site and share my knowledge with more than just the 2 people that actually listen to what I have to say. (Him and my Beautiful Girlfriend) He told me over and over again how I should just start a blog and get things going online.

~This is the part where I tell you about the “snooze”~

This went on daily for about 5 months. I just continued telling him I was going to start mine tomorrow, next week, the beginning of the month… soooon….

~This is the part where I tell you the “snooze effect”~

Well it’s 6 months later he made $4 today from his website… “So, $4 is nothing?????” (That’s what you’re thinking right?) Let’s really break this down. $4 may not sound like much but if someone came up to you today and asked you for some spare change would you give them $4? How about if they came up to you everyday? Would give away $4 a day? (If so I’ll send you my address) So why is making $4 a day a big deal? He made that $4 today before he even woke up. That’s $28 a week, about $122 a month, $1,460 per year. This is passive income; meaning no matter how productive he is today he’ll get $4 put in his checking account.

In this crazy world of “blogging, tweeting, and facebooking” longevity says a lot about a website’s respectability. Had I not “snoozed” for the last 6 months this site would be three times as big and I could’ve just earned $4.

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