Increasing Productivity is just selfish

Lack of productivity or “snoozing” can affect all aspects of life. My reason for even starting this website is an example of something I stopped “hitting the snooze button” on and started being productive with.

The real question is why do we even want to be productive? Whether we’re productive to produce money, complete a chore, or even just to kill time there’s always a reason for our productivity.

When it’s broken down to its simplest form the reason we’re productive is because we’re selfish. Yes plain old self-centered, egotistical self-indulgence. Even if we’re helping someone else the reason we do it is not really because it’s the right thing to do, we help people because it makes us feel good. Nobody would offer to help someone move if it didn’t benefit them in some way. Nobody would help an old lady cross the street if it didn’t make them feel good. Even if you’re doing something you hate for somebody, you’re not doing it because you’re merely a righteous person; you do it because the sentiment of being “righteous” makes YOU feel good. When you really think about it everything we do, we do for our own gratification.

If our own personal satisfaction is the end result of productivity why not cut to the chase. If you want to be a “productive” family member don’t work overtime to get extra money to buy your kids the latest gadget, get off work early, pick them up from school and go hang out at the park. Don’t work through dinner so you can take your wife to an expensive restaurant over the weekend, wake up early, clean the house, and cook her a meal. The end result will be the same, but the benefits will be greater because the time you’re spending being a “productive” family member is actually being spent with your family and not at work.

Once you break things down and determine what your real goal is, you can trim all of the wasted time doing what you think is productive and get straight to the end result. This will free up more time to be more productive on other things and you’ll feel even more satisfied. Imagine how productive you’ll be then.

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