Increasing Productivity – Making Money is not productive

Let’s admit it, in the majority of things we do, money is the motivating factor. You make decisions on how to keep it, save it, spend it, use it, and most of all get more of it. We even gauge how productive something we do is based on how much money we make doing it. One very important thing to remember is (now write this down) “The ultimate goal in life is to, not necessarily to make a ton of money, but to do the things that a ton of money will allow us to do.”

Examples… take vacations, spend more time with family, quit your job, relax, hit the snooze button a few more times every morning *wink* *wink*. All of these things aren’t usually associated with being “Productive”. You need to change the way you look at things to understand these are all the most productive things a person can do. (Well all except hitting the snooze button.)

Why be productive at work to earn money just to turn around use that money to take time of work? Why be productive so you can provide for your family if it requires you being away from them? Why even bother to be productive if you’re going to miss out on the fruits of your labor? Most people spend their young adult life working to provide for their family. While you’re at work your children and family are growing and having experiences that you are missing out on. While your busy being productive the world is passing you by.

When your goal for being productive is money you’re not really being productive. Think of the things you want to do with the money. That’s your real goal. If making money is the only way to reach that goal than fine. If what you’re doing is not a direct means to an end, then you’re not truly being productive. (Write that down)

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