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I can’t stop hitting the snooze button but I’m still Increasing Productivity

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

If you’ve been reading my blogs then you know my feelings about that dastardly little time waster that stops us from increasing productivity. Though my hatred for that little button that ruins people’s lives runs deep, I still can’t avoid it. I’ll admit it to the world “I CAN’T STOP HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON”.

With that said I’ve recently developed a way to hit the snooze button but still continue on my path to increasing productivity. So basically what follows is a way to hit the snooze button but still get up on time. (And be happy doing it.)

Step 1: Get 2 alarm clocks

(THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART) Preferable you want 1 alarm to have a somewhat soothing alert. (the soothing alert is the key). The second should have that gut wrenching screech that will wake the dead. I use an alarm clock and my cell phone.

Step 2: Work out a time frame

My snooze button silences my alarms for 9 minutes. So I’ve worked out a schedule to where I can actually hit the snooze button at least twice before actually waking up and I still feel rested and unstressed.


Since I have to be up by 6:20 in order to do what needs to be done I set my first alarm for 6:00 and the second for 6:20 and place the second one across the room. This is not anything new but what I have found works I setting the first alarm to a soothing tone that starts soft and works its way louder as it continues. (It’s actually the “Harp” ringtone on my iphone.) This alarm wakes me but it’s not a heart wrenching siren that completely throws off my sleep cycle. I simple reach over and hit the snooze button and lay my pretty little head back down again. 9 minutes goes by and this sweet sounding music to my ears starts again. By this time I’m somewhat conscious and I know that I will have to get up soon but being that it’s only 6:09 I reach over, hit snooze, and lay my pretty little head back down, but this time with the intention to try and stay awake in bed (but I usually just drift right off to sleep again). Now it’s 6:18 and I hear the harps playing. I know this is the third time I’ve heard this music and I have 2 choices; 1: hit snooze again knowing in 2 minutes that stupid alarm clock with that gut wrenching screeching tone will rip me from my rest and force me to get up, walk across the room and turn off, or 2: I can get up now feeling rested (but still tired) and walk over and shut off that stupid screeching alarm before it even stats. Either way this forces you to get up but unlike just putting an alarm across the room you’ve already been awakened three times before so you’re a little more coherent than you would have been if your alarm had just gone off. Plus your body and mind isn’t stressed because of the soothing tone you’ve been awakened with.

My suggestion is at least try this. The soothing alarm and the being able to rest between snoozes and even the fact you don’t have to hear that regular alarm clock sound that, like me, you probably hate with a passion really makes a difference. I’ve tried each of these things separate and they’ve never worked doing all of them in that order has really worked for me… (At least for the last month…)