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Stop hitting the snooze button and start Increasing Productivity

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

When increasing productivity became a goal for me I came to the conclusion that the snooze button is where all the procrastination in my life stems from. To end procrastination and start increasing productivity I simply needed to stop hitting the snooze button. You may be saying to yourself, “I feel the same way but it’s sooooooooo hard to stop. What should I do?” Well let’s get the obvious out of the way. The easiest solution would be to get an alarm without a snooze button. If it’s not there, you won’t use it. In my opinion this is a cop-out. Anybody can stop doing something if they don’t have a choice to do it. Which brings me to my next solution; Choose not to do it. Tell yourself that today was the last time this was going to happen and stick to it. Tell a friend so they can offer some encouragement. You’re 33% more likely to do something if you tell someone about it or write it down. So do both and you’re more than half way there. These may work for some people but I highly doubt they’ll work for most. Every time I hit the snooze button I tell myself it will be the last but then I find myself pressing that gorgeous button again 9 minutes later.

You’re probably wondering why you’re still reading if my suggestions didn’t even work for me. Well I’ve saved the best for last. If you want to make something work make it a habit. (write that down) “A habit?” You say. Easier said than done right? Well you’ve made a habit of hitting the snooze button so why not make it a habit not to. Once your body gets in the habit of doing something it becomes part of your biological actions. This won’t happen overnight so start with something easy. If set your alarm for 6am and you hit the snooze button 4 times every morning before you really HAVE to get up (let’s face it we all know there’s a time we “should” get up and a time we “have” to get up) set your alarm to 6:09 so you can still hit your snooze button three times. Once you get used to that, set it 9 minutes more ahead to 6:18 and only hit it twice. Before you know it you can set it to the time that you have no other choice to get up and you’ll eliminate your option to even hit the snooze button at all. For example; I know if I don’t get out of bed by 6:36 I won’t make it to work on time, I’ll eventually get fired, lose my home, be disowned by my family and end up on the street talking to myself about how nobody ever really landed on the moon, so if I set my alarm to 6:36 I have no choice but to get up. Once you get used to getting up right when your alarm goes off you can work backward from there. Start setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier every few weeks. Eventually you’ll be getting up at 6am everyday without hitting snooze. The key is to do this every day, even weekends. Don’t just do it when you “HAVE” to. This will be the only way to develop this action into an actual habit. Not only that but you’ll have more time to spend actually living your life.

Once you’ve formed this habit of not using the snooze button, even when it’s there, you’ll find other things in your life following the same pattern. You’ll have no desire to hit the snooze button both literally and figuratively. In the long run this is the starting point that will open up doors for opportunities you’ve never realized existed. I know it sounds crazy to think that not pressing a stupid button a few times a day can change your life, but by reading my blogs you’ll see that I’m living proof of what can and will happen if you snooze through life and what can and will happen if you don’t.